TMH x NPO Program

Giving back has always been important to me. Therefore, I wanted to integrate volunteer work into my company. Once a month TMH Business Solutions will take on a NPO/NGO digital service project for FREE. Fill out the form below to enter!


Past NPO Work

Website Design & Development

TMH Business Solutions was excited to have Student Impact as the first member of this program! Student Impact worked to support students during the COVID-19 crisis. View Site

SEO & Web Improvements

iFred has been my favorite NPO to work with so far because their message of shining light on mental health is so important. iFred is creating a shift in society’s negative perception of the disease through positive imagery, rebranding, celebrity engagement, cause marketing campaigns, and establishing the sunflower and color yellow as the international symbols for hope!

Search Engine Optimization

Hopeful Minds is an iFred project. Hopeful Minds equips students, educators, and parents with the tools they need to find and maintain hope even during the most trying of times. We were very happy to complete SEO and SEM work for a great organization. View Work